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Prepare to Paint

Getting your Room Ready

So you have swatched your way to the ideal hue for you and are ready to unleash an explosion of colour into your space. But before you coat your scheme in all of the nuances nature has to offer - there’s prep to be done. Here’s everything you need to do to ensure ‘The Art of Nature’ paintbox can truly flourish in your home…

Tools of the Trade

When coating your scheme in colour, we recommend having both a roller and brush on hand. Rollers are great for applying a more even layer of paint over larger areas, whilst brushes are used for ‘cutting in’ and more detailed paint work.

It's All in the Technique

When using a roller, apply your paint in diagonal strokes to create either an ‘M’, ‘W’ or ‘V’ shape. Repeat this process, making sure to keep the edge wet to ensure each section blends seamlessly with minimal roller marks. When using a brush, we recommend selecting a synthetic bristle brush as these are more suited to applying water-based paints. 


Start with Finish

The better the finish of your walls, the better your paint will look. So ensure your walls are sound, smooth and clean. If needed, sand back to a stable surface. 

Be Patient with Plaster

We advise waiting 4 weeks for fresh plaster to fully dry, this is due to fresh plaster being very porous. The same goes for any absorbent surfaces such as unfinished wood. Once the surface is dry it’s time to apply a primer.

Primer for Prepping

Prepare for using a primer by lightly washing any existing paint work to remove any dust or surface laitance. Once this is taken care of, apply one coat of primer and wait for this to dry. For the best results and the most impactful colour, we recommend using a water-based primer.

Make Masking Easy

 In order to achieve the best results you can, ensure you are using masking tape specifically designed for painting projects.