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songs of the seasongs of the sea

‌‌We call upon the sea for House of Hackney’s new season collection. Follow us into the mystic deep with mythical Cornwall and its rich heritage of seafaring legend.

The beguiling Cornish sea, whose ethereal beauty has forever inspired artists, plays the protagonist this season. We join the ocean in its endless dance - the hypnotic rolling waves, the whisper of the smooth-lipped shell and the dwellers of the deep - alongside a painterly palette honouring the colours of this ancient coast. Cerulean blues and emerald greens give way to the tourmaline pinks and obsidian blacks of the rocks that escape the sea’s restless embrace. With kaleidoscopic abandon, step into the celestial world of MORVEREN - the mermaid of Zennor - as the enchantress looks from under her starry sea-bud crown. If you listen closely, you can hear her siren song. Discover NANJIZAL, ‘Song of the Sea’; the cove of crystalline waters and nature’s golden light. Transcend time with William Morris’s BLACKTHORN, GOLDEN LILY and QUERCUS - reimagined in vibrant colour - each reminiscent of Tudor days gone by. And allow artist Kerry Simmons to once again take you on a journey of psychedelia and romance with her WOODSTOCK print.

From tales of old, to the striking modernity of the ‘80s silhouette, make waves with your interior this season and give in to the magic of ‘Songs of the Sea’.

Inspired by...


The story of this collection begins in Cornwall, seat of the legendary King Arthur and his court; of magic, myth and Merry Maidens. It is the land upon which witches dance their sabbaths; of Tristan and Iseult, stone circles and ancient dolmans. Along its rugged coast the enchanting mermaids of Lamorna and Zennor sing their siren song, and within the cragged cove lies the mystical waters of Nanjizal - the ‘Song of the Sea’.


Our House is endlessly inspired by the groundbreaking Victorian poet, artist, socialist and design anarchist William Morris. Deeply influenced by nature and a wistful nostalgia for a long gone era, Morris instilled his life and his art with a hopeful romanticism. His prints are a celebration of the natural form and a testament to his dream - and ours - of bringing art, beauty and a little rebellion into every home. His principle of coupling beautiful design with a social conscience was a key inspiration in the founding of our House and we're privileged to have been allowed to access his spectacular archive, bringing his iconic ‘Seaweed’, ‘Golden Lily’ and ‘Blackthorn’ prints to a new audience.

merlin stripe jacquard liquoricemerlin stripe jacquard liquorice
golden lily wallpaper noirgolden lily wallpaper noir


One of our leading motifs this season is the spiral of life. Inspired by an uncovered fossil of a nautilus shell found in the acanthus beds at the Cornish Castle of Trematon, the winding curves and dancing forms echo the rolling waves of the ocean.

The spiral of life is a form found in many of Mother Nature’s marvels, from the shape of our galaxy and hurricanes, to the seeds of the sunflower and the pinecone’s coils. Following a golden ratio, the ancient form is the ideal of beauty and perfection in the natural world. Revered by many cultures throughout history, this sacred spiral is a symbol of spiritual evolution, growth and the cycle of life; humanity’s connection to the universe and our place within it.

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'Songs of the Sea'

This collection tells a tale of gothic folklore intertwined with ‘60’s psychedelia and a pinch of the 1980s - listen to the soundtrack here.

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