In our House, leopard print is considered a neutral. So, whether you pair WILD CARD with a more pared-back palette or let it prowl amongst your favourite prints, you’ll find this modern-classic is the perfect complement to any interiors scheme. 

Inspired by the work of William Morris along with Diana Vreeland’s famous Garden in Hell room, the psychedelic wildflowers of ARTEMIS embody House of Hackney’s non-conformist approach to design.


Traditionally printed in England, the WILD CARD wallpaper is coated in a timeless leopard print, reworked to perfect proportions and rendered in an understated ‘Butterscotch’ colourway.



Decadent and distinctive in both look and feel, the WILD CARD jacquard celebrates a time-honoured method of manufacturing textiles. Whether you want to create made-to-measure curtains or recover a treasured armchair, this British-made fabric is, well, spot on.