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Wallpaper Dilemmas
Everything You need to know about Wallpaper

Regardless of whether you know your way around a roll of wallpaper or are familiar only with a scroll through Pinterest, you will likely still have questions about the decorating process. Fortunately for you, we have the answers. Here’s everything you always wanted to know about wallpaper (but were afraid to ask)...

  1. What is your wallpaper made from?

    Each roll is crafted at a little factory at the forefront of sustainability. One that sources its wood pulp from young trees, not ancient ones, grown purposefully in a forest managed to the FSC’s standards. One that prints our PVC-free creations in small batches, avoiding unnecessary waste before ingeniously powering its machinery with recycled energy generated from the off-cuts. The result is some of the most eco-friendly wallpaper produced in the world.
  2. How long will my wallpaper take to produce?

    Made to order, each roll is ready for delivery in 5-7 business days.
  3. Can I return your wallpaper?

    As our wallpaper is printed to order, it can not be returned. We recommend ordering a sample and then using our online wallpaper calculator (found on each product page) to ensure you are happy with it.
  4. How do I measure my wallpaper?

    Our online wallpaper calculator makes it easy to work out how many rolls to order – simply enter the height and width for each of the walls you would like to decorate, then we’ll do the maths. Alternatively, our in-house experts are on the other end of the line, happy to advise. Top tip: Always have a little extra on hand. For the average room we recommend that you purchase one additional roll to account for those further fiddly bits, such as reveals, overhangs, boxing around pipework etc.
  5. How do I calculate for bespoke measurements?

    We can cater to bespoke orders that will be custom printed to your specifications. We will add 20cm to the height and width of the walls to ensure there is enough paper to trim back for a high-quality finish. Contact us here.
  6. How do I calculate for stairways?

    When it comes to stairways, take note of the greatest wall height and width, then order bespoke wallpaper based on those measurements – you can then team this with our regular-height wallpaper to cover adjoining hallways or landings.
  7. How do I calculate for above dado rails and tiles?

    Our 2m length is designed specifically for creating half-walls of print against dado rails, panelling or tiles, with the added bonus of less wastage.
  8. How do I prepare the walls for wallpaper?

    Before our brand icons can adorn your walls - there’s prep to be done. When prepping a room for wallpaper we recommend following these six simple steps.
  9. Which wallpaper paste should I use?

    Our favourites are the Beeline 'Yellow Top Wallcovering Adhesive' and Solvite’s ‘Paste the Wall’. Alternatively, you can use any water-based, pre-mixed paste that is good quality and suitable for the paste-the-wall application method.
  10. How do pattern repeats work?

    Our wallpaper works a little differently. There are 4 panels to every roll, (the sheets are numbered 1 to 4, so you’ll know which is which). Each panel measures 45 cm in width and either 200 or 300 cm in length. The pattern will automatically align across the panels so that you do not need to try and align the print or account for the repeat during installation.
  11. Can I use your wallpaper in kitchens and bathrooms?

    Yes, our wallpaper is very hard-wearing – however we do advise that it is kept as dry as possible. We recommend sealing the wallpaper using a clear decorator’s varnish (our favourite is by Polyvine in ‘Dead Flat’), applied over the top of the wallpaper (once dry) using a short-flock roller. While enhancing the wallpaper’s longevity, this will also help to protect against splashes and stains.
  12. How do I clean my wallpaper?

    If you ever need to clean your wallpaper, lightly dust with a microfibre cloth or wipe it gently with a damp (not soaking) cloth.
  13. How do I remove your wallpaper?

    Our wallpaper is designed with durability in mind, but we know that not all of us own our personal sanctuaries - or perhaps you just fancy giving a different House of Hackney print a go. To remove our wallpaper we recommend using a steam stripper.
  14. How do I wallpaper around corners?


    -Apply your paste up and into the corner.
    -Make sure to match the edge of your paper into the corner, if needed follow it around by 2-3 cm.
    -Match up to the line of your previously hung piece - this may cause the paper to overlap with the adjoining wall.
    -Cut back the overlapping paper.
    -Push down the paper ensuring it meets the wall perfectly.


    -As you come to an external corner, wrap your wallpaper around it. If this causes overlap, cut back the overlapping paper.
    -Push down the paper ensuring it meets the wall perfectly.

    Top tip: If any overlap remains on your external corner ensure this stays wrapped around the corner and out of sight.