Decorating Consultancy

Turn your dream into a scheme

Your home is your own personal sanctuary away from the outside world. So, when you close the door and open your eyes, what would you like to see?

Whether you’re renovating your entire abode or just refreshing one room, decorating can be somewhat of a daunting task. The colour palettes, the prints, the pieces of furniture… where to begin? That’s the cue for our team of Decorating Consultants to step in. 

Our in-house experts can tease out your tastes and help bring your interiors dreams to life. Here’s how:

Step #1

Your consultation will start with a pre-appointment call and questionnaire that will allow us to get a feel for your sense of style and the needs of your space – all while setting our creative cogs in motion.

Step #2

We’ll then visit you at home to reveal the decorating scheme curated specially for you. Your consultant will inspire you with fabric and wallpaper prints – chosen to project your personality and conjure the desired mood – and suggest finishing touches to complement the pieces you already own and love.

Step #3

At the end of your consultation, you’ll be given a personalised mood board to help you visualise the look and feel of your proposed scheme, along with a bespoke quote for any products or services you may be interested in.

Step #4

A follow-up appointment at our London Showroom will address any further decorating queries and finalise the details of your order. But it doesn’t stop there: we’ll remain on hand to help, be it through site visits during installation or recommendations for decorators and fitters.


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Want expert advice about decorating your home, all from the comfort of your own home? Then book a complimentary Decorating Consultation via video call. No matter where you are in the world or what size of project you’re working on (whether you’re renovating your entire abode or just seeking the perfect print for your powder room), our team is always on hand to help – be it on Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp or whatever app you’d like.

"We love our house so much. House of Hackney and in particular Steve has contributed to this massively and people always comment on the décor and furniture"

- Juliette Cox


Ahead of your consultation, we’ll ask you for details and supporting materials (such as relevant photos) on your project in order to better understand your taste, needs and ideas for what you wish to achieve. Your consultant will then dedicate time to dreaming up potential schemes and curating fabric and wallpaper samples specially for you.

We’ll work collaboratively with you during the appointment to create a scheme that suits your space and your lifestyle. Our experts will also be able to take accurate measurements and answer any technical decorating questions you may have.

The mood board given to you will represent ideas for how colours, prints and textures can be combined in your space. Our tailored aftercare will then guide you on the next step of your journey – from additional styling tips to detailed information on product maintenance.


If you would like any further details about our Decorating Consultation service, please feel free tocall us on 44 (0) 207 739 3901 or email us via the link below

Meet Steve: Decorating Consultant, Master of Print Matching and Drinker of Vodka Martinis

"What I do is help to introduce House of Hackney prints into your home," says Steve, "and show you how to blend different motifs together in the most beautiful way". Watch as Steve welcomes you in to our Shoreditch Showroom and explains a little more about the Decorating Consultation service.

“We wanted to add interest to this space while retaining its traditional and elegant features, so the addition of ARTEMIS in ‘Blush’ pink was the perfect choice for this sophisticated scheme.”

- Steve, Decorating Consultant

the 'Artemis blush' moodboard