Burns Like a Flame”‌

The colour of the oceans, otherworldly glacial sea caves and the Aurora Borealis; of the peacock, precious stones and
the elf
cup mushroom - teal paints nature’s richest wonders. 

From iridescent pools of spilled petrol and shining beetles’ backs to the opaline plumage of the bird of paradise, this
blue-green hue is one of Mother Earth’s most beguiling

Into the Deep

A mixture of blue and green, teal and petrol shades embody
the virtues
of both colours. Manifesting the tranquillity
of the sea and the verdurous optimism of  
nature, this hue is a master of balance.
Proven to rejuvenate, calm and heighten
creativity, teal is a colour as versatile as it is beautiful.

‌Dive in with House of Hackney. 

♫ The Vibrators

The Alchemy of Teals

Escape into a halcyon daze with this serene blue-green - the perfect colour to soothe and recharge.

Named after the waterbird, teal was first recorded as a colour in the 1920s, and became popular in interiors in the 1950s and ‘60s.
Although not named until the 20th century, colours in the teal family would have been made alchemically throughout history using
minerals with a greenish blue hue. Cerulean blue, also known as cobalt-turquoise, prized for capturing the colour of the skies and
the sea, was created from cobalt and tin oxides and has been used since antiquity. Another mineral revered for its marine lustre was
chrysocolla. Used by the Greeks to solder gold weapons, this stone created a beautiful, ephemeral blue-green pigment when mixed
with water and has been found adorning caves in Turkestan and in Egyptian tombs. Described as ‘copper flowers’ by the Ancient
Greeks, verdigris was the most vibrant blue-green pigment of the old world, mirroring the waters of a sapphire lagoon. At House of
Hackney, we have taken inspiration from the natural world to create colours that capture its resplendent beauty. As ever, nature is
our muse.

At Home with Teals and Petrols

Create your perfect haven with tempting teal. With the serenity of a stormless sea, lull the senses and retreat from the world outside with our sublime collection of petrols, turquoises and beautiful blue-greens.

Said to promote a restful night’s sleep, teal is the ideal hue to use in the bedroom to help you drift off to dreamland and its healing energy and tranquil tones are perfect for creating a spa-like sanctuary in the bathroom. A deep emerald complemented by blissful blue undertones, SPRUCE introduces a sophisticated splash of colour to the interior. Use this paint to elevate your look by colouring ceiling roses, beams and alcoves to highlight the architectural details, or pair with our PARADISA wallpaper in ‘Spring Green’ for print perfection. Unwind in your own temple of teal; pair CERULEAN blue emulsion with MAJORELLE wallpaper in ‘Petrol’ and layer in our Tilia Lampshade and SABER rug (also in ‘Petrol’), for full on, blissful opulence. For a match made in colour heaven, complement teals with earthy, golden tones for a midcentury feel or contrast with pinks, corals and sharp citrus shades to make a statement. We love SPRUCE chalky Matte Emulsion with WILD CARD leopard print in ‘Butterscotch’ and the rich yellow ORPIMENT or DAHLIA pink paint for perfect colour harmony. Bring a touch of teal into an existing scheme with accent accessories like our iconic ANANAS pineapple lamp, DODO velvet cushion and Wax Atelier x House of Hackney dining candles, all in our striking ‘Petrol’ colourway.

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Here to Help

Whether you want to coat all four walls with wonder or need advice on how to introduce
the harmonious hues of nature into your space, we are here for you. With a
decade of experience, our in-house experts are ready to help you with everything from colour matching to creating your dream interior - no space is too small or
project too big. ‌

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