The origins of the FLORA FANTASIA motif can be traced back to a rare book from the 1880s, ‘Fleurs de Fantaisie’ by J. Buchert. An exquisite collection of watercolour prints detailing imaginary flowers, it is in fact so rare that only a few copies still exist in the world today.

Inspired by the work of William Morris along with Diana Vreeland’s famous Garden in Hell room, the psychedelic wildflowers of ARTEMIS embody House of Hackney’s non-conformist approach to design.


A wonderland of flowers unfurls across the FLORA FANTASIA wallpaper, painted atop grounds of rich ‘Amber’, delicate ‘Sky-Blue’, deep ‘Cerulean’, vivid ‘Citrine’ and beautiful ‘Bisque-Pink’. Crafted at a little factory at the forefront of sustainability, each roll is PVC-free and made using wood pulp sourced from FSC-certified forests.



Create an indoor garden of magical blooms with the sumptuous FLORA FANTASIA velvet, crisp cotton-linen and tactile jacquard – all ideal for reupholstering furniture or crafting made-to-measure curtains and blinds. Printed in Britain, our fabrics are made using materials and methods that respect the local environment.