An archive design from the Victorian era, the darkly romantic TULIPA is reborn once more – its large sprigs of hand-painted tulips, primroses and ferns evocative of the ingredients gathered for spell casting.

Inspired by the work of William Morris along with Diana Vreeland’s famous Garden in Hell room, the psychedelic wildflowers of ARTEMIS embody House of Hackney’s non-conformist approach to design.


In vivid, jewel-like shades of ‘Emerald-Green’ and ‘Selenite-Orange’, the PHANTASIA wallpaper depicts a landscape where myths and legends still stir. Crafted at a little factory at the forefront of sustainability, each roll is PVC-free and made using wood pulp sourced from FSC-certified forests.



Reigned over by mythological creatures, fairytale flowers and towering toadstools, the PHANTASIA velvet makes for the most spectacular curtains or reupholstered furniture. Printed in Britain, this decadent fabric is made using materials and methods that respect the local environment.