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Collaborating with French wallpaper house ZUBER for a second season in a row, House of Hackney’s spring collection encompasses an array of exquisite wallpaper designs reimagined for the contemporary home. ‘Bambusa’ and ‘Khasia’ both pitch painterly bamboo shoots as the new season interiors icon. Designed in house, ‘Dinosauria’ is the protagonist of the collection and showcases regal reptiles amidst prehistoric foliage for a captivating statement. Adorn your walls for an aesthetic that brings the allure of the natural world into your home.
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By Collection
  1. BambusaBambusa
  2. DinosauriaDinosauria
  3. IndienneIndienne
  4. KhasiaKhasia
  5. SerpentisSerpentis
  6. SumatraSumatra
  7. ZanjanZanjan
By Colour
  1. CreamCream
  2. WhiteWhite
  3. GreenGreen
  4. TealTeal
  5. BlueBlue
  6. GoldGold
  7. GreyGrey
  8. YellowYellow
  9. PinkPink
  10. BrownBrown
  11. MidnightMidnight
By Style
  1. CarpetCarpet
  2. AnimalAnimal
  3. FoliageFoliage
  4. WhimsicalWhimsical
  5. FloralFloral