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Are you a collector of luxury home interiors and designer furniture? Our De Beauvoir screen is a mark of true elegance and is available in a five different prints and finishes. Taking its inspiration from 1920s and 30s styles, this British-made, traditional piece of bedroom furniture has been reworked in our most iconic prints and furnishing fabrics.

Made in England.
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By Collection
  1. BabylonBabylon
  2. BidjarBidjar
  3. InfernoInferno
  4. LimerenceLimerence
  5. Mey MehMey Meh
  6. PalmeralPalmeral
  7. TigreTigre
By Fabric Type
  1. Velvet
By Colour
  1. BlackBlack
  2. BlueBlue
  3. GreenGreen
  4. NeutralNeutral
  5. OrangeOrange
  6. PinkPink
  7. RedRed
  8. TealTeal
  9. YellowYellow
By Style
  1. FoliageFoliage