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Fabric Dilemmas

Everything you Need to Know about House of Hackney Fabric

Whether you want fabric to dress your windows, give a piece of furniture new life or to create some statement home accessories, you likey have questions. Fortunately for you, we have the answers. Here’s everything you always wanted to know about fabric (but were afraid to ask)...

  1. What is House of Hackney fabric suitable for?

    Our fabric is ideal for crafting made-to-measure curtains and blinds as well as reupholstering furniture – be it a headboard, an armchair or even a sofa.

    There are just a few exceptions: if you would like to use the WILD CARD jacquard in your upholstery projects, please note that it will first require a domestic fabric treatment, which we can arrange upon your request. Please note that there will be an additional cost.

    Our chenille fabrics can be used without treatments, as long as they’re used in combination with a fire-resistant interliner – your upholsterer should use one as standard.

    Then when it comes to creating curtains and blinds, both the WILD CARD jacquard and our chenilles will require fire-retardancy treatments – again, we can arrange these for you at an additional cost upon your request.
  2. What are the rub counts for the House of Hackney fabrics?

    Our velvets and cotton-linens boast rub counts of 40,000+, our cut-velvets achieve a count of 25,000+ and our jacquards come in at 10,000+. All our fabrics are family-friendly and hardwearing whilst remaining luxurious to the touch.
  3. Are House of Hackney fabrics fire resistant?

    Our fabrics are tested under British Standards BS 5852, using test source 0: a smouldering cigarette.

    All our velvets and cotton-linens pass this test with no ignition.

    For jacquards and chenilles, you may need additional fire-retardancy treatments (we can arrange this for you at an additional cost).

    Upholsterers should use an interliner as standard with our velvets and cottons, as they pass the aforementioned test. Jacquards may need an additional treatment. If you’re taking on a reupholstery project, all our velvets, cotton-linens, chenilles and jacquards will need teaming with a fire-resistant interliner.

    At present, just our WILD CARD jacquard requires a domestic fabric treatment if it’s to be used for furniture; whereas if you wish to create curtains and blinds, our chenilles would need an additional treatment – all of which can be arranged for you at an additional cost.
  4. Can I purchase less than a metre of fabric?

    Our fabrics only come in increments of one metre. In line with our Eco Manifesto, we follow a low-waste approach to production, which means we are unable to cut rolls of fabric to any other measurements – and as such, do not have cut-offs available to sell.
  5. Can I return fabric?

    We cut our fabrics specifically for each order, which means they are non-returnable. We always recommend buying a sample first to help you choose the right fabric. Our in-house experts are always on hand to advise should you need any help with calculating how much fabric to order.
  6. Why is there an additional fee on fabric orders?

    We deliver fabric on a roll to ensure the beautiful material is preserved. The additional cost matches the £12 fee our couriers charge us for handling the rolls, which are classed as oversized parcels.
  7. How do I care for my fabric?

    All our fabrics are dry clean only.