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Bambusa wallpaper in 'Azure'

The paths to wellness are many and varied: you can unwind with yoga at sunrise, meditate on top of a mountain and sip juice imbued with cosmic goodness. Though you may call us biased, we believe that one of the most effective ways to soothe your soul is through the art of decorating. Your home is your personal sanctuary, the centre of your universe. So, it stands to reason that by creating a space you can retreat to, cocooned by the things you love, your home holds the key to health and happiness.

It could be that you already have the seed of an interiors idea growing in your mind – like a colour or print you would like to use – or you might have even dreamt up an entire scheme. Whatever the case may be, we are here to help. Consider us your guides, lighting the way with all the inspiration and how-to information you need. So, just take a deep breath and let go. Let go of all the rules you’ve ever heard about design and simply stay true to yourself. Now, let’s begin…


Creating the home of your dreams begins with, well, dreaming. The first step is to visualise how you would like the space you’re renovating to function. If it’s the living room, for example, are you seeking a cosy nook where you can curl up and read in peace – or a social space where can catch up with friends over copious amounts of herbal tea? Once you’ve figured out a room’s purpose, you can consider the mood it should conjure – whether that’s one of calm serenity or spirited liveliness. From there, you could start pulling together a mood board, either digitally on Pinterest or a physical one filled with photos and magazine tears. This is arguably the most exciting stage of a project, the one where you can let your imagination roam free. The possibilities really are endless.




In need of further enlightenment? Look to our curated gallery, where you’ll find inspiration in the homes of others. From print clashing to colour blocking, it’s designed to spark ideas you might never have thought of – and give you the confidence to pursue them. At this point, you’ll find yourself naturally gravitating towards certain colours, prints and textures. The palette you choose for a room is particularly important: beyond its power to turn the staid into the spectacular, colour has an emotional resonance which can impact the mood of a room. Once you’ve narrowed your ideas down, order samples of the fabrics and wallpapers that appeal to you the most. Pin them to your mood board or tape to the wall before heading to your local paint shop to create a few test colours. Dab those next to your swatches, then sleep on it. Living with your scheme for a little while – adding to it, taking things away, changing your mind – is all part of the fun.  



Your intentions have been set, so now comes the time to manifest them. If you’re planning to invest in made-to-measure curtains, why not loan a fabric flag from our London Showroom first? By draping it next to the window, you’ll be able to envisage how the curtains will look. You can then move on to our handy calculators (there’s one for curtains and one for blinds, depending on your preference) to figure out how much fabric to order. When it comes to furniture, your upholsterer can estimate fabric quantities, or if you’re dabbling in a spot of DIY, our in-house experts can advise. As for wallpaper, we have a calculator for that too, which will tell you just how many rolls you’ll need. House of Hackney wallpaper is incredibly easy to hang (just follow our step-by-step guide), but if you don’t want to go it alone, we can recommend decorators to help. Whatever you choose, there’s nothing quite like the moment your order arrives in the post – little did you know just how happy a delivery could make you feel.



By now, you’re well on your way to at-home wellness. As the interior magically transforms, all there is left to do is style the space with treasured photos and characterful knick-knacks that truly make it your own. Then, you can sit back and revel in your new indoor sanctuary before sharing it with your loved ones. Your friends at House of Hackney would also be delighted to see the result, so please feel free to email us photos or post on Instagram using #HouseOfHackney.

Just remember, creating a home you love takes time. It’s not meant to happen all in one go; instead, you can save up for the pieces you covet and set aside time to renovate when you can. And if you ever feel lost, our Design Consultants will be there to set you back on the right path. Together, we can call forth your tastes and collaborate on a scheme that captures your essence.

And, we’ll let you in on a secret: homes with an ‘inner glow’ are the ones that have been showered with attention and affection, evolving with their owners as the years go by. So, cherish your space, decorate it your own way, and you’ll be left feeling rejuvenated and restored.


Whether you’re searching for design ideas or trying to imagine how a certain print would look in your space, why not browse our gallery to see how others have welcomed our House into the home…