Living in Colour


If you’re ever in doubt about the transformative powers of colour, just ask Dorothy Gale. Dreaming of an escape from reality, our young heroine in The Wizard of Oz finds herself whisked away (quite literally, by a tornado) to a land somewhere over the rainbow. The film’s transition from black and white to glorious technicolour symbolises a move from the mundane into the magical. We’re not in Kansas anymore; this is a brave new world of promise and possibility.

In the home, a vibrant palette can have much the same effect. Uplifting and life-enriching, colour is escapism in its purest form, filling you with hope and a sense of freedom. As colour also evokes emotion, one thing you may wish to consider is the mood a certain space should conjure – whether that’s a lively playfulness in the living room or peace and quiet in the bedroom. Beyond that, there are no rules. You could try experimenting with statement walls, a ceiling coated in something sumptuous or an under-stairs cupboard that opens up to reveal the unexpected. As Dorothy herself said, there’s no place like home – so why not make it truly your own? All you need to do is have courage and follow your heart down the yellow (or will that be green, red, blue, pink?) brick road...


Ethereal, soft and peaceful, pale colours are the Good Witches of the wallpaper world. But just as Glinda herself possesses a subtle strength, so too do lighter hues – especially when paired with our subversive prints. Dusky pink is elegant yet playful; a contemporary neutral that works as beautifully in powder rooms as it does in the kitchen. Sky blue feels tranquil in the living room, but if the space is more social and family-orientated, yellow bursts with vitality and warmth. In our House, cream is the new white, with tones of delicate ecru and refined oyster perfectly complementing any interiors scheme. Where natural light is in short supply, the likes of BAMBUSA in ‘Antique-White’ or DINOSAURIA in ‘Ecru’ can wave their magic wand to make a space appear lighter and brighter, even when covering an entire room. We told you they were good.


Like the Wicked Witch of the West, dark colours have a bit of a bad reputation, but both are merely misunderstood. Deep, rich shades – think ebonyburgundyforest green and midnight blue – can actually make a small space seem larger by creating the illusion of depth. A mysterious print such as ARTEMIS or MIDNIGHT GARDEN is dramatic and impactful on one wall. On all four, the room will envelop you in intimacy and intrigue. By evoking nightfall, blackened prints can also induce feelings of relaxation, making them ideal for the bedroom. So, you can banish all thoughts of a gothic lair: dark motifs are mesmerising, intoxicating and luxurious – the wallpaper equivalent of cloaking a room in velvet. Though if you want to accessorise with a few winged monkeys, that’s up to you.


Whether you’re searching for design ideas or trying to imagine how a certain print would look in your space, why not browse our gallery to see how others have welcomed our House into the home…